The exploits of the Chinless family and Sir Arnold Grasp



Sir Arnold Grasp's luxury city apartment development for the discerning wealthy

A gated compound ensures the appropriate level of exclusivity

The tropic pool is available to members only

Today there is a fund-raiser taking place for HOOFF (HOrses On Fallen Fetlocks). Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless has asked local celebrities 'Kliff Kwartz and the PebbleDashers' to strut their stuff for a hand-picked audience, including a well-known high-waisted international talent scout. Naturally local newshound Desmond Spanner is there to capture the moment along with the rest of the media.

Meanwhile, Bert Ronson - stagename 'Ziggy Ash The Human Flame' goes through his act to keep the kiddies entertained - no need to ask what the little darlings are hoping for. While his wife Vesta stands by in the fire-suit just in case their wish comes true!

Above them love blossoms in the roof garden as pop-idol Kliff Kwartz - real name Stan Ahsterlift - siezes a media-free chance to reunite with his childhood sweetheart, Nora Bone

Out front a sleek white limo announces the arrival of Sir Arnold Grasp himself. He has been 'held up' again at the office with his PA, Jocasta Thrash - apparently something came up. Meanwhile Binky Twinge, his pilot, here today merely as a follower, takes the chance to show off another of his vintage machines to an admirer.

Forgotten in a far corner of the compound Dribble the Doberman keeps a secret tryst of his own, giving the pooches of the great and good a clandestine lesson in moisture management amongst the mighty; while Throb the Gardener tries to persuade one of the wealthy guests that a quick spin on the 'sit-on' is more than his job is worth!



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