The Greifenburg




Lair of Graf Arnulf Von Greifen - The 'Snake of Snurt'

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The Greifenburg, once a Byzantine fortress on the Ragusa road, now the lair of the most infamous of the Dalmation brigand barons - The Snake of Snurt!

Graf Arnulf takes the evening air with his latest 'acquisition' - the Gravina Gunhilde-Ermingarde-Brunhilda-Gretchen-Hildegarde-Marlene Von OhneKinn (known as 'Lotte' to the weary). At his flank his minstrel ,Clod, (a gormless plucker) and his Fool, Sharpwit, attempt to soothe the captive's fears.

The Austrian Margrave Hermann Von Kinnlos (Herman 'the Chinless') waits while his heralds enquire after the well-being of Schnitzel, his favourite horse, which his neice, the Gravina  Gunhilda-Ermin... Lotte, happened to be riding. Graf Arnulf sends Sharpwit his jester in reply.

Infuriated the Margrave Herman sends for his direct negotiation team - part of which is seen here filing through the narrow streets of Snurt.

 Graf Arnulf responds by drawing his bridge, cutting his causeway and cocking a snook - not easy to replace at this time of year!

A bitter irony - The Margrave uses Graf Arnulf's own abandoned pontoons to build a bridge for his siege tower while his archers and trebuchet force the defenders to keep their heads down.

The tower is trundled up!

Meanwhile, Graf Arnulf readies himself to perish gloriously meeting the approaching horde. Beside him Gehudebert, his Squire, puts a final polish on Gladys, his mighty broadsword - the brigand's code, one mustn't go into battle with a dirty sword, what would the serfs say!

Towering tragedy - a loose plank, a twisted wheel and some of the Margrave's best armour, not to mention the men inside it, goes to the bottom, along with an assault boat full of the same. Tish and poot!

Graf Arnulf celebrates - and so, rather surprisingly, does Gunhilda, Ermin... Lotte - it seems that Cupid snuck a dart in among all those arrows!

Graf Arnulf re-opens negotiations, throwing down a challenge to the Margrave for the hand of the Gravina Brunhilda-Ermingarde-Gretchen... Lotte.

Medieval chivalry at its best - yesterday they were bloody enemies, today they attempt to skewer each other in knightly brotherhood for the hand - amongst other bits - of a lady.

'Team Snurt' return home loaded down with their trophies

Covered in victory and chainmail the Snake of Snurt lugs the Gravina Brunhilde-Ermingarde-Gret...  Lotte, over his threshold , summoning his priests and some liquid refreshment - the ransom for the Margrave Herman (now Chinless but not chainless.. hyuk,hyuk!) will pay for the wedding festivities.



And so we take our leave of Snurt, its snake and Ermingarde, Gretchen, Hildegarde.... Lotte!



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