The exploits of the Chinless family and Sir Arnold Grasp



The Summer training camp for 'Team Grasp'

Built as a private pleasure palace for the 19th C. French mustard-spoon magnate, Baron Etienne-St Exupery-Gaston-Pierre-Fifi-Marie Sansmenton, the chateau is today an exclusive hotel

This season Sir Arnold has hired the entire third floor to whip Team Grasp into shape for the prestigious Prix d'Macclesfield well away from the prying eyes of Desmond Spanner and the 'Nemandible Parva Chronicler and Gazette'. Here we see team captain Ernie Scrunt coming in victorious over a local French pack 

Sir Arnold and Jocasta Thrash, his PA, stride forward to welcome his hero while Fiachra, Natasha and Shannon of the Graspettes launch themselves into a cheer for the watching locals and Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless watches from the terrace.

Overhead Binky Twinge joins the celebrations by putting Sir Arnold's latest gimmick - the Red Baron Dreifokker - into a victory role for the crowd.

Legend has it that the chateau stands on the site of an earlier donjon. Indeed, the lake is still named after an early Lord Sansmenton, a distant relative of the Chinless family, who, spying a beautiful maiden across the waters, gave vent to his passion and dived in to reach her. The chill instantly softened his ardour, while the 90lbs of plate armour took care of the rest. To this day it is still - Lac Stupide!

Out on the water Tara and Bethany of the Graspettes are practising their stylish deck-board cheer near the 'Pirate's Adventure' so the kiddies can watch, but are also drawing some attention from the local 'garcons'who have brought a barge-load of beer along to make a day of it. You can't cheer, or leer, with a dry throat!

But unbeknownst to 'les garcons', a small regiment of their womenfolk are also out on the lake today in search of their missing men. There'll be a baguette over the bonce and sange for supper tonight!

The victory ceremony. The Graspettes put on a massed cheer while Binky lands his Fokker on the drive and Ernie brandishes his trophy - this year it's Scunthorpe or Bust!

Ernie and Team Grasp are rewarded with a little off-duty time with the Graspettes aboard Sir Arnold's launch' The Isabelle'



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