Bayko Baron

The exploits of the Chinless family and Sir Arnold Grasp


Guy's Field

Lady Lavinia's latest hobby

Nemandible Parva aerodrome, another brainchild of Guy Chinless (19th Lord Chinless) the WW1 fighter-ace and racing driver. Today the field is home to a thriving Glider and Light Plane club and serves as base for the local air ambulance.

The Grasshoppers - Lady Lavinia's latest project - to recapture her grandfather's dream. Her repro Spad is being towed out for her first solo, Fiachra of the Graspettes acting as wig-wag for her. Out on the apron Binky Twinge waits to shadow her in his DreiFokker.

Determined not to be left out Sir Arnold has a Fokker VII, but doesn't get the time - so he's only coming on by leaps and bounds.

'Chocks Away' - a well attended watering hole, scary enough having to fly without being sober too!

The Balaclava Road Fire & Rescue, conveniently close to the  aerodrome, is run by Captain Ed Overheels - protege of Sir Arnold since his daring rescue at the Jubilee Works.

The gatehouse control-tower - a stylish innovation in its day. Chastened by an unfortunate spray-back experience with a passing propellor Dribble the Doberman makes do with Sir Arnold's limo.



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