The exploits of the Chinless family and Sir Arnold Grasp


The Mill

Sir Arnold's organic heritage solution


The Nemandible Mill on the banks of the Chin - a listed building, but derelict, now working again thanks to the preservation enthusiast who had the sense to get Sir Arnold Grasp involved. 

Sir Arnold arrives to do an interview for local television

The Mill Shop with the Bakery buildings beyond, today a self-financing conservation project selling traditional stone-ground breads to the growing organic market.

A panorama of the mill complex looking towards Inkerman Terrace. The meadows on the far side of the Chin serve as a valued recreation area now the Alma Terrace ground has been taken over by the cricket club.

The Old Pound, given over to the 'Dig For Victory' campaign in 1940 and never taken back. Today it gives locals, many of whom work at Sir Arnold's nearby Jubilee Works, a much needed chance to get their hands back in the soil

Inkerman Terrace, backing onto Alma Terrace and the recreation grounds beyond - Sir Arnold's intervention has also put some much-needed money back into the area

The old Home and Colonial, now a thriving motorcycle shop

Another view from behind the local shops. In the foreground a trained team of service saboteurs debate where best to dig the road up for maximum obstruction and delay

Sir Arnold and Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless take up their positions for the interview with Desdemona Molewrench (formerly Desmond Spanner - only one operation left to go). Sir Arnold's slogan 'It's all about the dough!' - Lady Lavinia put hers on the delivery vans.

A last view down Sevastopol Street past the Mill to the aerodrome beyond.




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