The exploits of the Chinless family and Sir Arnold Grasp


Naychin Grange

Lady Lavinia and her stud

A product of the Georgian love affair with Palladio, even down to the decorated outhouses and canals, the Grange is still a working building today

These days the Grange is the base for the Chinless Stud. Started from a pair of retired Nemandible Dairies dray horses the stud is Lady Lavinia's pride and joy.

Today is the stud's annual gymkhana, a chance for the proud parents of the Thelwell Tubbies to see what they've paid for, while the more serious horsemen show their stuff and generate some free publicity from the local television coverage.

The Graspettes get the show rolling with an amazing display of bare... back gymnastics. Their horses, the Grasp Greys, are all bred from the famous Lippizaner stock.

The big event. Jocasta Thrash, Sir Arnold's PA, gathers 'Big Boy' for her final round. This year Lady Lavinia has also decided to make a fight of it.

Tristan Smythe-ffouwkes dismounts to take a closer look at the treacherous double - yes, that's definitely a three-bar and wall combo! But no harm done, he landed on his head.

Rupert Fitz-Anstarts mistimes the tricky four-bar and forces 'Catmeat' to a fault - bad luck Rupe!

The last contestant, Lady Lavinia herself, and so far no one has managed a clear round! She sets 'Arnie's Pride' at the treacherous second gate.

The final jump - a big double that has fouled all before. Lady Lavinia gathers the big bay.... and the crowd go wild as she sails clear!

Sir Arnold Grasp arrives with his big chopper, too late to see his wife's triumph, but in time to present the trophies.

Lady Lavinia comes forward to collect her prize with the runner-up as escort down an avenue of fellow contestants. Dribble the Doberman gives the final accolade while Desmond Spanner, the local newshound, captures the moment for local TV.

The Graspettes put the cap on a perfect day with another spectacular display of equine agility and knickers!


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