The exploits of the Chinless family and Sir Arnold Grasp



The Beginning of the End

The Theodosian Walls of Constantinople - the clibinarii heavy cavalry, core of the army, debouch from the Symmachi Gate

Valens, Emperor of Eastern Rome, reviews his troops before advancing to meet the Gothic threat

Denied a place with the field army Tribune Nemanda is consoled with command of 'The City's' defence in its absence,  a police-man's work with third rate garrison troops  

A shiver runs through The City as the first confirmation of the disaster at Adrianople arrives - a Gothic raiding force 

The Gothic chief, Grasperic, calls on the garrison to surrender.

Tribune Nemanda replies - 'Romano Sum' - I am a Roman.

The Gothic assault begins

Inside the beleaguered city some turn back to the old gods in despair

As the assault intensifies and courage falters, the Lady Nemanda leads the womenfolk to the walls

Hold them! As you love your future. Hold them!

Grasperic and his horse-bound gothic nobility circle in impotence as their warriors are cast back - Constantinople, The City, The Rome of the East  - survives



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