The exploits of the Chinless family and Sir Arnold Grasp


1453 - The End

The Coming of the Conqueror

Having sealed The City off by building the Rumeli Castle young Sultan Mehmet arrives before the walls

Urban, the christian gunsmith whose great 'gonnes' now threaten the triple walls, makes obiesance to the young new Sultan

The Anatolians of Ishtak Pasha, men whose grandfathers had fought for The City, surge forward against the shattered gates

Hopelessly outnumbered the Greek defenders beat off five assaults, but at dawn the Turks finally break through. The defenders fight to the last

A body, believed to be that of Constantine XI, the last Emperor of the Greeks, is laid before Sultan Mehmet, soon to be hailed as 'The Conqueror' - the jewel of Christianity, the last vestige of Rome that had outlived the mother city by a millenium, is given over to three days of systematic pillage



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