The Benedictine brotherhood of Ste Lavine - where Rochefort has confined Constance Bonacieux, royal dressmaker, go-between for Queen Anne and the Duke of Buckingham - but also the girlfriend of Monsieur D'Artagnan.

D'Artagnan - known as 'Alice' - and his trusty companions are directed to the trademen's entrance

The isolated sanitorium, a likely place of concealment since the public are allowed there, Planchet questions the abbey servants but without success

Chanel - Aramis has been rebranded - checks the graveyard

Bishop Grasp arrives at the main gate - unaware of the drama unfolding within

Meanwhile, Pathos, Bathos and Chanel encounter Cedric the Cellarer - a man full of benedictine good will in every sense of the word - they resolve to search the cellars

Bishop 'Big Boy' Grasp is welcomed by Abbot Chinless and his brotherhood - the Bishop has brought a 'friend' with him, Cardinal Richlieu and his minions, come to ensure their misuse of the abbey is not betrayed

Meantime Alice has run into Brother Bernadette behind the Chapter House (strange shape! But very popular with the other lads) who confirms that there is a young woman on the premises and directs the chevalier towards the scriptorum - where the monks ilustrate their.... books!

Constance, who is clearly feeling the heat more than most, claims she's been helping the scribes with their 'illustrations'. Despite her protests D'Artagnan leads her to safety through the cloisters

D'Artagnan emerges to find his comrades worn out by the thoroughness of their cellar search. Worse still, they have been spotted by Richelieu's agent, Milady D'Lateautumn who has been left at the abbey gates

D'Artagnan hustles Constance toward the postern gate - but unveiled now, Milady has already summoned the Cardinal's guards!

Watching the boy's footwork Brother Bernadette realises she - sorry 'he' -  is in the presence of a real gold-plated hero and opens a book for anyone who's foolish enough to bet against the lad.

Leaving a trail of wiser men behind him D'Artagnan draws ever closer to the gate

D'Artagnan reaches the gate and  thrusts Constance through into the safe keeping of Planchet  - whose odour alone will make sure no one attacks them.

Turning to meet his ever-multiplying enemies our hero realises his supply of witty one-liners is almost exhausted. Even Brother Bernadette is shortening the odds.

Worse still, the sound of sword-play and blasphemy has drawn Bishop 'Big Boy' Grasp himself!




Aware that he may be talking for his life, D'Artagnan explains himself - overcome with remorse for his sinful ways he had come to the abbey to enquire about retreat, only to run full tilt into his old adversaries, the Cardinal's Guards; the rest was just reflex and habit!

Outraged but impressed by the Gascon's swordsmanship the Bishop sends him on his way.

From the back of the crowd Richelieu nods approval - and in return he will let both Constance and D'Artagnan live.


And so we bid a fond farewe..... But wait, 'what became of Chanel, Pathos and Bathos?' I hear you ask.

They were found outside the cellars, still exhausted by their search, and handed over to the Provost Marshal, who decided to make an example. Naturally Dribble the Doberman has turned up to offer some comfort.



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