The exploits of the Chinless family and Sir Arnold Grasp


Castra Nemanta

Legate Ego goes up the wall

Castra Nemanta, home of the Cohors Equitata Raetii commanded by Legate of Auxillia, Caius Stupendous Ego.

This summer the Legions ravaged north of the wall, burning or plundering crops, slaughtering or stealing the livestock.

Now the Legios are gone back to Eboracum, leaving the granary at Castra Nemanta bulging and the neighbouring fields packed with animals waiting to be salted for the coming winter.

The scouts report the woods beyond the wall seethe with starving Picts, an enemy who must now conquer or starve.

Were there only the fort to consider Legate Ego could man the battlements and sit out the winter, but the Wall zone is a prosperous land these days, fat farms full of ex-legionary colonists, settlers, traders and all the other 'services' that follow an army camp. They must be protected too.

Legate Ego consults his augurs.

Next he inspects his cavalry, commanded by Tribune Plentius Mucus. Horsemen are powerful, but useless in the woods

Inspection over the cavalry depart on the Eboracum Road, waved on their way by the ladies of 'negotiable affection'.

A few hours later Cumulus Nimbus, tribune of infantry, leads his centuries out and offers battle!

An offer that is promptly accepted! Hunger has made the waiting masses... vicious.

Nimbus and his men are engulfed as the pathetic handful of archers on the wall-walk shoot fire arrows into the autumn sky - pinpricks against a ravening, vengeance-hungry monster

No warning trumpet sounds, only the lethal thunder of hooves as Tribune Mucus, who hooked back to cross the wall and ditch further west, comes crashing into the enemy rear - out in the open now where his horsemen can reach them

Seeing the moment Legate Ego leads his last century out in person to add to the shock. In  a moment the warrior courage is transformed to naked panic.

The tribes break.... and the slaughter begins. The colonists will sleep safe and eat well this winter.

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