The exploits of the Chinless family and Sir Arnold Grasp



71 BC

The Entertainment

Villa Raptus, nestling on the lower slopes of Mount Vesuvius, home to the noted lanista and venatius, Aetius Raptus. Today Raptus is recieving a guest - Marcus Licinius Crassus, the richest man in Rome.

Crassus is accompanied by his fellow senator and protege the young Gaius Julius Caesar and by his sister the Lady Claudia. It is the Lady Claudia's birthday and she has been promised an entertainment.

Raptus lays on a little refreshment and a diversion for Lady Claudia while he and Crassus discuss the price of... entertainment.

Now a house-slave, Teresa was once a prophetess. She is called on to perform - 'One here will soon rule the Republic' she warns. Crassus accepts the outrageous flattery with a smug smile.

Refreshed the party cross the yard - with so many different mouths to feed Villa Raptus is as much a farm as a training camp.

Lady Claudia is set free to choose - lions, panther, bear - and money no object!

Beasts chosen, the party moves on to inspect the rest of the livestock in the training yard.

The guests retire to the spectatorium while the necessary rites are performed - the ludi are still a religious observance, the life taken an offering to the ancestors!

A venatio as appetiser, three lions at a thousand denarii each!

Followed by four pairs - murmillo, samnite, thracian and retiarius - to the death!

Entertainment over, the party head back to Capua. Behind them the losers will go to the pens as feed to help defray costs, while the survivors have won themselves a visit to the bath-house accompanied by Teresa and her girls.


Tonight one of them, called Spartacus, will dream of freedom and revenge!



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