Our Lady Of Kazan

see also' La Haye'

Russia 1812 - west of Smolensk. The hard pressed Russian rearguard slogs eastward. Cossack irregulars covering the rear report the French are hard behind 

The column reaches the monastery of Our Lady of Kazan. Orders are to destroy all in the path of the enemy, but there is neither time nor stomach to desecrate such a treasure

The Russians take up postion behind a convenient stream as French chasseurs and hussars chase off the cossacks. Victor's Corps, a polyglot of Poles, Italians and Germans, comes up behind

The Emperor himself arrives with the Reserve Artillery, a Grand Battery is soon in action to soften the Russian positions

French voltiguers and tirailleurs close to trade shots with the Russian jager while their line infantry moves up behind

The Russians unleash their heavy cavalry to break up the French attack

Napoleon matches the Russian cuirassiers with his Grenadiers a' Cheval and Carabiniers while their dragoons are ridden down by Saxon LifeGuards

As the dust clears the moment of decision arrives - Napoleon unleashes his most lethal weapon - Mozart, as played by the The Guard's Band at the quick march - with Les Grognards hard behind of course. Time for the Russians to be gone.

An hour later the Grande Armee is moving East once more while the engineers clean up the battle debris

While inside the monastery Surgeon Larrey's bone-cutter's get to grips with the human debris

As reward for their valour the Band are allowed to perform in front of the Emperor himself

While outside the blue columns pound on towards Smolensk, Borodino and Moscow

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