L'Hotel De Treville



L'Hotel D'Treville, home of the King's Musketeers in the palatial Faubourg St Germain

A crowd gathers to see King Louis and Queen Anne arrive

The King doffs to the crowd and wins a cheer

Tortured by piles Armand Duplessis, Duc Cardinal D'Richelieu, brings up his rear in the royal coach

The royal party is welcomed by Monseiur Treville, Commandant D'Musketeers and Monseiur D'Artagnan, who is to be enrolled today

D'Artagnan, known to his friends as Alice, cuts a gentlemanly bow to their majesties as his comrades - Bathos, Pathos and Chanel (Aramis has been rebranded) raise a loyal cheer

D'Artagnan recieves the covetted blue tabard and musket from Queen Anne while King Louis drinks his health and D'Treville reads him through the oath of allegiance 

But what have we here gathering under the walls of the Luxembourg? A Huguenot rabble, armed and braced for action!

At their head stands Guy Sansmenton, wayward heir to the Baron Saisir and there beside him is Deuteronomy Clapnose the rabble rouser - and there at his side stands Dribble the Doberman, cocked and ready for action!

The rebels burst into L'Hotel and in a bizarre twist of fate Musketeers find themselves standing shoulder to shoulder with the Cardinal's Guards as the enemy thrusts towards the King. 

Fearing the worst Cardinal Richelieu summons his agents to his side - Milady Lateautumn must find her way to the Place St Roch and the coach and bring it to the side entrance, Rochefort, her lover and the Cardinal's living blade, is ordered to take some Guards and clear the escape path.

But the plan miscarries - the enemy have anticipated the ploy and are waiting, clad today in royal blue Rochefort finds himself forced to surrender at gunpoint and is swiftly bundled into the coach by men who have never seen the king they hate!

Mission accomplished the rebels attempt to retreat but the Cardinal's Guards are close on their heels  and a running battle takes place along the Guild Hall arcade behind L'Hotel

Two of the rebels have been taken alive, they are brought before the king as he prepares to take his leave - the meeting takes place under the bust of Henry IV, Louis's father, slain by the assassin Ravillac - the message is not lost on the King. Something must be done about the Huguenot threat!



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