The distinctive drone of a Fokker triplane signals yet another opening ceremony in Nemandible Parva


At the controls is Binky Twinge, personal pilot of Sir Arnold Grasp, swooping low over Grasp Industries' new communications nexus - headquarters of not only  'Grasp Industries' but the 'Grasp Bank'  too and already known to the locals as the 'GrIn and GraB' centre.

Meanwhile, the great man himself makes his arrival up Arkitex Avenue in one of his wife's old cars - it was only gathering dust in the back of the garage at Chinless Hall - and behind him comes his latest attention grabbing gimmick! Unfotunately Lady Lavinia Grasp-Chinless could not be at his side today. 

A trebling of the roar as the triplane comes round again makes her absence clear - there's Her Ladyship in person at the controls of the yellow Spad! And that's a Fokker VII completing 'The Grasshoppers' . 

Of course no opening ceremony would be complete without the Graspettes - Siobhan, Natasha, Fiachra, Tara, Bettany and Shannon - performing their most startling cheer yet - that's Tara incidentally, having a blond moment!

Desdemona Molewrench ( formerly Des Spanner) struts forward to catch the soundbite for local television as the replica Doyouthinkhesaurus is swayed into place


Sir Arnold moves the interview to the front of his blue planet sculpture to help set the right tone for the viewers

With attention focussed elsewhere young Dribble the Doberman, as ever - sidles in to complete the ceremony and help himself to a little momento

While the show goes on above

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