The rescue of Calico Jack

See also 'San Serif',' Lakjaw Manor', 'Casa Lardo' and 'The Loom O'Shean'


The day of Judgement arrives as Violent Vinny Arbuthnot and Calico Jack Chinless are led out of the cells to meet their fate. Up above them Captain Blade snaps an order from the courthouse door and the militia's formation-musket-carrying-team closes in round the doomed buccaneers to ensure there can be no escape. 

Along the quay the 'Bosun's Starter' is all but deserted along with all the other grog-shops - a good hanging is too rare an entertainment to miss!

First stop for the condemned men is a visit to All Saints and a parting 'hell fire and damnation' sermon from the Reverend Drone

Meanwhile Montmorency Flap, the Lord Lieutenant, and Trelawny A.Grasp, still recovering from being thrown down his own well by these same corsairs, treat themselves to hot chocolate and the dulcet tones of 'Johan Sebastian Clutterbuck and his Rococco Rocksters' while they wait for their final revenge.

On the quayside a brace of grim trophies dangle in the breeze to remind the pair of what awaits them.

The condemned are led to the scaffold where the town crier announces their fate while Obediah Worm, Undertaker to the Court stands by in readiness and Jeremiah Glad, the hangman, rubs his hands in anticipation.

Amazing how clearly the human ear can distinguish different sounds - the jangle of the clavichord, the jeers of the crowd..... the click of a flintlock being cocked beside the head. Alas Trelawny and Judge Flap have been so anxious to hold their prisoners, they forgot to protect themselves. Now all those respectable citizens crowding around them are suddenly... not quite so respectable. And there, her steel only inches from Trelawny's chin...s, is  Ethel Puttle herself,better known as..........


Naturally, The Barracuda isn't the kind of pirette to risk a mexican stand-off, so has also brought along her infamous brig - 'The Saucy Gladys Trusspott'

It's amazing how much persuasion a quartet of long toms can add to any argument!

Shortly Trelawny A.Grasp is on his way aboard to discuss his handling of accounts with his former shareholders....

....  as the pirate chiefs, back in their accustomed finery, turn to fleer defiantly at the law abiding citizens for one last time. 

Meanwhile J.S. and the Rocksters play on - they're being paid by the hour!



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