Arnie's country cottage


A snapshot from the dawn of time, 2007, when Arnie Grasp was just a bachelor, just a millionaire and first felt the need to have a little place he could call home

Nestling in the Nemandible Hills the name says it all - this will be Grasplands - subtle eh!

Arnie inspects the kitchen garden - naturally he has plans to make a prize winning debut at the local show

The new owner emerges for the first time in his soon-to-be-distinctive purple pants. At his side as ever is his loyal PA, Jocasta Thrash, in her equally distinctive thigh boots - scarlet and silver are the GraspIndustries  colours and the boots are ideal for distracting business rivals.

The pair get their first taste of old country servility as Toady,52 and still only the lesser-under-sub-nether boot-boy greets them with his now famous double-handed forelock tug.

Ms Thrash makes a splash by heading for a first dip and coming bosom to gawp with McCavity, local 'character' and current inhabitant of the shed at the back of the house, who has been using the pool as his private bathroom - poor child, can't even afford a whole swimming costume, times must be hard!

The team from 'Wotcha' magazine arrive with all their kit - the gracious-country-manor-photo-shoot will be Arnie's first step towards social acceptance and is a personal triumph for Lemuel Bleach, Arnie's diminutive PR man.



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