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Don Lardo's Revenge

see also 'Baracudda', 'San Serif','Casa Lardo','Le Grenouille Frenetique' and 'Lakjaw Manor'



The Loom O'Shean - a forgotten pebble amongst the Lesser Antilles. Once a Dutch plantation, now the lair of Violent Vinny Arbuthnot - rival, but also camerado of Calico Jack Chinless and 'The Baracudda', and a power amongst the brethren in his own right as Chairman of CCRAPP (Confederation of Corsairs, Reivers and Associated Piratical Practices. affl.). These days the settlement is a den of lubricious iniquity given over to wanton abandon - all night cribbage parties and the like

The Imperial Galleon SS Santissima

The old De Kuyper Curing Hall - now a communal dormitory for Violent Vinny's crew and their 'companions' (bawds, trulls, punks, doxies, slatterns, whores, tarts, sluts and Sunday School defaulters no doubt - no better than they ought to be!).

Newly arrived to collect the annual silver cargo the Santissima and her escorts have been diverted by Governor Don Lardo for a small mission of his own

The old slave cabins, now married quarters for those inclined - the beasts!

A detachment of the Regimento Irlanda is ferried ashore

The old cigar sheds - left open so the rollers (girls chosen for their smaller hands) could get a sea breeze - now stacked with plunder and rations, kegs and kegs of rations.

The Imperial Governor of Nuevo Aranjuez, His Excellency, Don Lardo-y-Graspo-y-Lobby-y-Corridor himself!

The Factor's House with its overseer's terrace from which both quay and rolling sheds could be supervised. These days it is used by Missy Lou-Lou and her girls as a place to take a cooling tub - cleanliness is next to..... well, maybe not. And that's Vinny himself trying to persuade her to join the latest fiesta.

The troops move off

The drummers rattle a throbbing fandango as the girls dance and the men drink - all of a day since they found an excuse to open a keg. And there's the Tulliver sisters - who like to see themselves as slightly special, since they were intended as entertainment for some Hidalgo until Vinny's sloops liberated the galleon they were on. Takes them hours to get their hair up like that - so they can let it down again.

Beach palms give way to dank forest and the cooling shore breeze dies as the men climb into the mountains

Bosun Caleb Shaw and some of the older hands tend the pig roast hard by the ... rations. Esmerelda, Caleb's tame macaque lends a ... paw.

Capitano Guzman urges the men forward

The Irlanda scouts arrive at the far end of the trail - it's too good to be true, no sentries and the sound of fiesta drowning everything

Guzman directs his squad to the other flank

The rest of the Irlanda stream down the hillside

Stealth abruptly gives way to haste as Nelly Salter in the squash patch turns, opens her mouth and dies

The crack of musketry alerts the party makers, but it is already too late - young Peterkin Hands, the only one armed, attacks with his driftwood cutlass

Johhny Sale hurries to his fallen mother as Guzman's squad charge through the cabins

Defenceless and ambushed the pirates run for their sloops while the women are rounded up

But the open beach becomes a slaughter pen as the flanking squads open enfilade fire on the fugitives

The Santissima rounds the headland...

....And  unleashes a murderous salvo of langridge and grape

The shattered handful that survive the cannonade stagger on to the boats to be finished off  in a sleet of point-blank revenge

Taken alive inside the house Vinny is stripped of his finery then saved till Don Lardo arrives - a ripple of grim amusment runs around the parade as the pirate's last fandango makes his breeches fall down

Don Lardo has decreed there should be no rapine...

nor survivors either. Not even Dribble the Doberman!

Don Lardo and the last of the Irlanda come away while above them the Santissima thunders a final salvo

The shells burst among the roiling smoke - the air already filled with the stench of roasting meat - Esmeralda, the sole survivor squeals and watches them go



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