The Festival Of Peace


Nova Carpena - the annual procession makes its way up from the East Gate

Moving up The Strada the Piazza Signoria comes in sight

At its head the Redeemed Magdalena draws reverence from the crowd

While behind her the knights of the three rival houses jockey for position as her escort 

At the Cathedral's West Door she is welcomed 'home' by Cardinal Strozzi

On his left Bishop Alto, on his right, the town 'Capitano', Arnolfo Carpi

Across the piazza Don Dodjee and Don Schiffti, smoulder under the mockery of Boffo, Carpi's fool.

With the sacred statue safely returned the festivities can begin

Naturally it is a Carpi caballero that wins the joust and the Don celebrates with a triumphant blast from his mighty 'gonne'

Don Schiffti's attempt to compete is hardly heard

While Don Dodgee's intended show-stealer turns out to be a spectacularily contemptible damp squib - maybe he should have read the instructions before!

With the noble metal bashing over it's time for lesser warriors to strut

As usual 'Dead-eye' Rizzi takes the trophy for House Carpi

Just as it is House Carpi that win, yet again, the 'Bolt from the Blue' competition

No surprise then when they are allowed to loose first in the closing archery

As the crowd draws back in respect, Don Arnolfo turns away to send Boffo across the piazza for a final... word of consolation! 

At which point something snaps and the men of House Dodgee and Schiffti offer an impromptu display of marksmanship of their own

Which means there must now be an.... adjustment. For the Carpi caballeros its just surrender and a ransom, for Don Carpi himself... well let's just say there's going to be a new 'Capitano' round town. But for Boffo? Seems Signora Schiffti has no sense of humour at all. 

And so the choir's Pax Vobiscum rises over the town to celebrate yet another Festival of Peace - a wonderful chance for people to come together!



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