Vezelay en Lancre, a town divided between Huguenot and Catholic

But today such differences are forgotten, it's a market day

Outside St Etienne's the stalls are already doing a brisk trade

Over at Genevieve's the regulars are already knocking over the furniture

While across the square Sergeant Sanders, proprietor of the 'Touraine Toasted Turkey Palace' is thinking of giving himself a promotion and perhaps starting over in New France where he'll never have to see another turkey.

The real attraction for the day however is a witch trial, something both faiths can still enjoy together. Today it's the turn of Gytha Ogg, if she burns she is innocent, if not... Hot Justice at its best!

Into the middle of this civic bustle rides The Duke of Buckingham, waving his chapeau and demanding at full pitch to know 'ou est le chef de le Huguenots Jean Marie Rebac?' - subtle, a born conspirator. And his presence, has not gone un-noticed.

Which is why even as we speak a pack of the Cardinal's goons, led by D'Hussac himself, is clattering into town.

But fear not, for Queen Anne has also sent Bathos, Pathos, Chanel and Alais D'Artagnan to rescue the buffoon

And with all that potential street theatre about to happen the crowd have decided that Nanny Ogg can go on the back burner for a while, as it were.

Meanwhile, the Duke has discovered that Jean-Marie happens to be of the female persuasion - damn cunning these Frenchies!

Fortunately D'Hussac has been delayed, having discovering that the High Street is a stock-pen today he must proceed on foot

While the Musketeers have run into a little obstacle of their own, a wall of Huguenot gentlemen determined to offer due courtesy

D'Hussac meanwhile is also discovering that he has brought knives to a gun-party

All of which gives Jean Marie time enough to explain to the Duke that no one is about to start a civil war in France just to please the English

With the result that by the time D'Hussac finally arrives in the square.....

.... the bird has already flown - again!

Which is all rather disappointing for the expectant crowd. But not all is lost, because both the Musketeers and the Huguenot gentlemen understand the need to buy Buckingham some time - if only so he can find out which way to head for England 

And so, as the warm air rings with the clatter of steel, we say farewell to the satisfied citizens of....  What? What do you mean? 'What about Nanny Ogg?'

Well it seems Nanny Ogg has got tired of waiting!

Though according to Marcel - she just stepped out of her ropes the moment the crowd left, produced a pointy hat from nowhere and clicked her fingers like someone calling a taxi. At which, (sorry) a squadron of fellow travellers came swooping down out of nowhere.

Whereupon the whole coven headed skyward shouting 'Hi Ho Greebo!' and when queried answered  'No Ma'am we're magicians!'

Of course, you've got to remember that Marcel is a regular at Genevieve's and usually gets taken home in a barrow

But meantime, it's nice to know that Nanny Ogg is still flying high, out there with Esme Weatherwax, Magrat Garlick, Agnes Nitt and Tiffany Aching



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