Bayko  - La Hachada


28mm Pirates


Donna Quibab's Revenge


With her husband Don Lardo up-country, Donna Quibab has called a conference of the senior officers to discuss revenge for her kidnap at Castelbranca (See 'Auto De Fe').

Some time later the treasure galleon 'Pernambuco' finds herself alone, her escort the 'Cacafuego' having turned back to Panama with an outbreak of yellow jack.  

She is also hove-to, while Don Garcia and Don Rohas' test the claim that it is possible to fight a duel on a sleeping whale. The pair are a little hesitant however - about what the leviathan might do when the guns go off?

So engrossed are the Spaniards that no one seems to have noticed the slim and hungry brig racing down on them.

As she draws closer the rascals crowding her prow let out a triumphant roar

She is the pirate 'Walrus' and on her poop  - the Reverend Obidiah Flint, his book of scripture already open to urge his men on with biblical slaughter 

With half her crew still in the jollyboat the Pernambuco lets off her pop guns, with unfortunately fatal consequences for Rohas and Garcia, but none at all for Flint and his men. 

Unscathed the Walrus closes, no point in damaging a prize with gunfire when cold steel will do!

To the surprise of the buccaneers the Spaniards meet them blade to blade

And even as the buccaneers surge onto the Pernambuco a new tower of sails appears on the horizon, summoned by the Spaniard's guns and bearing down at speed - it is the Cacafuego!

Roving sail as she swings to starboard the huge galleon lets fly with her full broadside, 'hot shot' at point blank range.

Reducing the Walrus to a flame licked slaughterhouse in a single crushing blast

With their ship gone the remaining pirates surrender. To their surprise Donna Quibab does not order them strung up, not here at least. They will be taken to the nearest spanish port, La Hachada.

Three weeks on, Flint's survivors are brought to the gallows.

Learning from experience Donna Quibab has ordered a curfew - no crowds for any rescuer to hide in, no dignitaries to be siezed for exchange.

But the long delay in execution has given the Brethren of the Coast  a chance to react, with Calico Jack Chinless and the Baracudda beyond reach up-country, Gaspard La Phew and Happy Dan Pugh have mounted their own attempt and are even now overwhelming the guards at the Land Gate. 

With cat like tread and no sound at all the desperadoes hasten through the shuttered streets

Bursting into the main square they let fly a ragged fusillade

Which knocks down two of the guards and sets the rest running with their officers in the lead, only one lingering long enough to even return fire. Too late for  Mad Hamish and 'Cookie', but a miraculous salvation for Josh Kipperfeet who would have been next.

The pirates surge forward. And then the doors of Santa Maria and the surrounding shops swing open.... and a woman's voice barks, "Fuego!"



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