Palais De Faux


The Palais de Faux, built by King Louis' financier, Fouquet
The loyal servant greets his young master - Fouquet it was who found the King's twin and had the innocent youth wrenched from his provincial obscurity and thrown into the stark horror of Chateau D'If
Fouquet too who has been carrying out a nationwide manhunt since the unfortunate wretch mysteriously disappeared from that impregnable rock six months before
Neither Fouquet or his master will sleep easy till he is found
Watching among the courtiers are the four musketeers, back from their sojourn on the English island of Sark, safely beyond Fouquet's reach. With them is 'Auguste' a young man of Bathos acquaintance, along with Louise La Valliere, Pathos' young niece
It is as the royal party reaches the central court that the musketeers' plan kicks into action, with a well placed bucket boot in rear of Louise' lap-dog ,Wuffles, sending the adorable little mutt flying out in front of the King
Naturally Louise rushes forward to retrieve the pup and comes faced to face - eye to eye - with Louis. The rest is history - La Valliere famously had the kind of beauty that made Rubens chew his brushes and Canova hit his thumb - she had the message for the troops! Louis was smitten in an instant, as he'd never been smited before.
Stunned by her magnificence Louis leads La Valliere down the grand staircase while Bertrand and his Baroque Beat Boys lend a hand with a bit of mood music
Bizarrely, in a house with over a hundred rooms, it is only in the gardens that privacy may be found. In the style of the times Fouquet has laid out a sylvan 'paradise' dotted with private bowers where a lady may read her latest billet-doux, a gentleman compose his latest sonnet or a pair of lovers get on with some serious hand-holding undisturbed.
Wuffles leads the way towards the secluded arbor where Bathos, Chanel and the man currently known as 'Auguste' lie in wait
No one is surprised when the pair emerge a little later looking slightly dishevelled - that hand-holding can play havoc with your clothing. Queen Anne moves in to show her approval of the liaison, while Fouquet holds back, noting something is different, though maybe that is simply his master's new found obsession
The King takes his leave, inviting Louise to join him while Wuffles and Dribble the Doberman give a loyal salute. He will go on to make himself all Richelieu and Mazarin ever hoped for, Le Soliel Roi, the wonder of the age, with Louise La Valliere at his side as 'maitresse en titre'
Fouquet meanwhile finds Captain D'Artagnan waiting to arrest him while Queen Anne looks on in triumph. Banished to the distant fortress of Pinerola in French Savoy he will never see the light of day again. Some say it is because the King is jealous of Faux, others that the sight of the palace merely betrayed how much the man was embezzling. Still others, noting the severity of his isolation, wonder if he simply knows too much.
Some time later the prisoner of Chateau D'If is restored to his cell, under constant supervision now, and encased in an iron mask that prevents all communication, he too will never see the light of day again
The End

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